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Multiple Stereoscopic Player Instances


The files in the Stereoscopic Player Multiple Instance Kit allow to run three instances of the Stereoscopic Player with different settings. Each instance uses a different Registry path to store its settings.

The Stereoscopic Player can be customized using the Stereoscopic Player Customization Tool that ships with the player. The tool has been used to create three customizations files (*.cst) that differ from the original file in the title and the Registry path.

This kit has been designed for version 2.2.5 of the Stereoscopic Player. It also works with older and newer versions, however, some features of the player might not be available with other versions than 2.2.5.


  1. Extract the content of the zip archive to the Stereoscopic Player installation folder, typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Stereoscopic Player.
  2. Double-click Multiple Instances.reg to change the settings so that StereoPlayer.exe can be started multiple times. This could also be done in the Settings dialog of each instance, but using the *.reg file is more convenient.
  3. Start the customized player instances using the three shortcuts Stereoscopic Player Instance 1, Stereoscopic Player Instance 2 and Stereoscopic Player Instance 3. These shortcuts run StereoPlayer.exe with the -cst parameter to load a *.cst file.