November 29th, 2019

June 6th, 2018



Multiple Stereoscopic Player Instances
Explains how to run multiple instances of the Stereoscopic Player with different settings.
Comparison of SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D vs. Field-Sequential Format
Compares the image quality of SENSIO 3D-DVDs and Field-sequential 3D-DVDs.
Stereo Movie Conversion Guide
The Stereo Movie Conversion Guide explains how to convert stereoscopic movies to other formats using Stereoscopic Player's Stereo Transformation DirectShow Filter.
Stereoscopic Encoding Guide for Windows Media
Explains how to properly encode a stereoscopic movie using the Windows Media codec.
Stereoscopic Encoding Guide for DivX
Explains how to properly encode a stereoscopic movie using the DivX codec.
Stereoscopic Subtitle Guide
Provides step-by-step instructions to display subtitles in Stereoscopic Player.
Camera Sync Tester User Guide
Camera Sync Tester is a utility to measure the mis-sync of your stereo camera (both photo and video cameras). This guide explains the principles, formulas and how to use the tool.
Anaglyph Methods Comparison
Explains the difference between true, gray, color, half-color and optimized anaglyphs.
DeAnaglyph is a tool under development to restore the full color right image from the full color left image and an anaglyph image.
Specification for Stereoscopic Windows Media Files
Technical specification of the Windows Media-based stereo format for developers.