3D Film Peschke Macroshow 09

3D Film Peschke Macroshow 09
Duration: 1:55
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Authors: Verena and G√ľnter Peschke
Copyright: 3D Film Peschke

In the field of 3D visualization, macro recordings have its special charm. They provide the ability to represent things clearer and more effectively than you can normally see them. It is particularly interesting to leave real-time presentation and extend it with time-lapse and high speed footage. The macroshow 09 is a trailer of a movie that does not exist (yet). But maybe a professional partner who wants to tackle such an interesting project together with the authors can be found?

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576p Over/Under Format (86 MB)

Video: Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile
1024 x 1152 @ 25 fps, 6 Mbps VBR, 10 Mbps peak
Audio: Windows Media Audio 9
Stereo, 44 kHz, 16 bit, 192 kbps VBR, 384 kbps peak