JPEG2000 Video Decoder Editions & Prices

JPEG2000 Video Decoder Editions Overview
     Unregistered    Private    Commercial    Application
Usage   private/
  private only   commercial   redistribution
with application
Limitations   watermark   -   -   -
Price   free   19 Euro   49 Euro   950 Euro

The JPEG2000 Video Decoder is available in four different editions:

  • The unregistered version can be downloaded for free but adds a watermark to all decoded frames. It is not allowed to use the unregistered version commercially for more than 20 days!
  • The private license is restricted to private non-commercial use. Commercial or professional use is not permitted. Companies, research facilities, educational facilities and societies are explicitly not allowed to use the private license, even if no profit is made with the JPEG2000 Video Decoder.
  • The commercial license is intended for commerial or professional use of the JPEG2000 Video Decoder.
  • The application license grants the right to use and redistribute the JPEG2000 Video Decoder with an unlimited number of copies of a single executable application.

All licenses include free updates to all 1.x versions.