Stereoscopic Multiplexer Editions & Prices

Stereoscopic Multiplexer Editions Overview
     Unregistered    Private    Commercial
Usage   private/
  private only   commercial
Limitations   watermark   -   -
Price   free   59 Euro   169 Euro

Stereoscopic Multiplexer is available in three different editions:

  • The unregistered version can be downloaded for free but watermarks all captured content.  It is not allowed to use the unregistered version commercially for more than 20 days!
  • The private edition does not expose any limitations but is restricted to private non-commercial use.
  • If you use Stereoscopic Multiplexer at your company or make money by using the multiplexer, even indirectly, you are liable to purchase the commercial edition.

We are also offering customized versions as well as OEM licenses and special conditions for retailers. Please contact us for more details.