JPEG2000 Video Decoder


The JPEG2000 Video Decoder is a DirectShow filter that can be used in all DirectShow-based applications. The JPEG2000 has been adopted by the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) as the only video codec for Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs).

The JPEG2000 decoder offers RGB32 as preferred output format on its output pin. If the JPEG2000 video stream uses a YUV color spacespace, it performs a dynamic format change before delivering the first frame. If the downstream filter does not accept the format change, the decoder converts from YUV to RGB.

The decoder exposes the following options on its property page. These options can also be set programmatically using the IGeneralProperties configuration interface. In the current version, the decoder does not store the options.

  • Downsampling: A value of zero decodes the full resolution, a value of one half of the original resolution, a value of two quarter resolution and so on. This option can be used to safe significant CPU time.
  • Convert DCP XYZ to RGB: Converts the XYZ colorspace used by Digital Cinema Packages to RGB. This option must be used for DCPs to get proper color.
  • Reduce quality when late: When this option is set, the decoder reduces the image quality to safe CPU when it is late. This option only works when the downstream filter (usually a video renderer) calls the Notify method on the decoders output pin when it detects that samples are rendered late.
  • Drop pairs of frames: This option should be used for frame-sequential stereoscopic Digital Cinema Packages. If this option is set, the decoder always drops corresponding left and right frames together when late, not only the left or the right frame.

The JPEG2000 Video Decoder is based on the OpenJPEG library.

System Requirements

  • CPU with SSE2 support
  • Intel Core i7 or faster quad-core CPU for DCP playback
  • Eight or more CPU cores for stereoscopic DCP playback

To play back Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs), a MXF splitter is required. We recommend the LAV Splitter or MediaLooks MXF Splitter.